Peter Pan Costume!

Hello! This winter break has been crazy busy with travelling. I was able to visit lots of family and friends. I was also in NYC for a booking conference, but I was able to sneak away in time to visit Mood Fabrics!!!! I have now finally found some time to sew! This Peter Pan costume top was commissioned for one of my friends, who is the coach for a high school competitive dance team. Her theme this year is Peter Pan and she needed some costumes to go with the vintage theme.


The story behind how we started talking is kind of cool. My friend and I found each other on a train ride back from Chicago, where I was transporting my box of patterns from my Mom’s house to my apartment. We started catching up about how our breaks were and she was telling my she was having a hard time finding costumes for her dance team. I told her I could make them and pulled down my pattern box, and bam! I was hired.


For this costume we found the fabric on The fabric was a brocade but it had a wider weave than normal due to the metallic strings. But it worked well for this costume. I had to surge every seam due to the wide weave constantly falling apart.


The pattern I used was the “A” version of Butterick’s 4929. I have used this pattern before for the B version. I love the feeling you get when you are sewing and you feel like you don’t need to look at the directions every two seconds. I am now starting to feel really confident in my skills as a seamstress. *Side Note* Recently I have been doing a lot of tailoring jobs for friends. Most of these jobs were just pants or skirts, but I have been getting a lot of suit jacket alterations!


I did alter the pattern by not adding lining, and I am using a corset styled front. I also changed the neckline, collar, and sleeves. I cut back the neckline to make a small V-neck, because this is supposed to be more of a vest, not jacket. There was supposed to be a collar to this vest as well but I just roll-hemmed the neck instead. As for the sleeves, again I left them out. With all of these alterations I’m really happy with this neat Peter Pan styled pablum vest.


Here are some of the embellishments. We used the mesh for a little triangle off of the shoulder and coming down from the pablum. One thing that isn’t showed is there is moss that will be spiraling down Peters arm form her shoulder to her wrist.

Have you made a Peter Pan Costume before? Let me know!

Happy Crafting!!!

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