Christmas Flower Ornament Tutorial


I honestly think that this is the best picture that I have ever taken. (no Photoshop needed)

I needed to find something to make for my family for Christmas so of course the first place I looked was on Pinterest. While I was on Pinterest I saw these cute cheap and easy to make ornaments! Here is an easy tutorial for these classy ornaments.


First off you need to get yourself some toilet roll/ paper towel roll ends. Cut them so that they are about a half an inch, sizes can very within the flower. This gives it personality 😉 Once 5 rings are cut, lay them out in the flower shape. Then you hot glue 5 of the little rings together where they meet. Wait for the glue to cool off.


Once the glue is cooled off you can paint them with what ever paint you want. I used a variety of craft paints and spray paint. Wait for the paint to dry, or not. It just depends on how patient you are. I am not, so I continued and put glitter glue around the rim of the 5 rings.


This one I spray pained… as well as the deck.

 IMMEDIATELY I threw loose glitter on to make it extra sparkly!! I am a glitter hoarder so after I was done with each color I collected the glitter back up and put it in its proper container.


This time you should wait a little bit for the glitter glue to settle down with the loose glitter. Then get some bedazzling gems and glue them to the center of each flower. I just used tacky glue because I was too lazy to get my hot glue gun hot again.

Cute Ornaments

ONCE EVERYTHING IS DRY!! You can attach string or ornament hangers to each top ring. TADAA!!!!!! You have beautiful, colorful, sparkly, ornaments to hang on any tree! I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Flower Ornament Tutorial!!

Have you made any ornaments for you tree this year?! Let me know!

Happy Crafting!

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