Winter Wonderland Skirt Refashion

YAY Thanksgiving Break is finally here!! I figured that I would kick it off with a new wintertime skirt! I always love white skirts in the winter with black or brown leggings. I don’t know why, but it always makes me think of hot coco. 😀

I figured I would have my own try at some refashions because I have been lurking on multiple refashion blogs lately. So this is what this Winter Wonderland Skirt started as:


You all know Lord of the Rings right? Well back in grade school I was Lady Galadriel for Halloween one year. I normally would have worn the dress… but I can no longer fit into it without harming myself or the fabric, so here it is hanging instead!


Here is a close up of the fabric, pretty right!


First thing’s first, the pattern I choose was another old Buttrick pattern, as shown above, that I received as a gift from my friend. I choose look B because I have never used this pattern before so I didn’t want to risk having a bad pencil skirt that I never wore. Not to mention that I already have several pencil skirts lined up in my sewing que. I didn’t want it to be a long skirt, so I shortened it to my knees. I found that this pattern was very easy, I just always suck at waistbands of all assortments. It is my kryptonite.


Here is the pattern all cut out and just chillin’ on my coffee table waiting to be sewn.


Sorry I realized I didn’t really get any pictures of me sewing the actual garment. But here it is finished with a belt! Because I really don’t like the way elastic looks unless finished a special way of some sort.


Here is a better or not as blurry picture of the skirt! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Because of how sheer the fabric is I made a lining for it, but I forgot to not attach the lining to the outer fabric so I feel that caused the bottom to not look exactly the way that I really wanted it to look. But it isn’t bad. I just need to iron it, that will make the hem look cleaner.


The best part about this skirt is that IT HAS POCKETS!!!!!!! I love skirts and pants that have pockets, it makes things convenient! Normally I would have made this skirt shorter or just a bit more above my knee, but college is almost over and I figured that I could wear this to work one day. 🙂

Over all I think that it is a very easy pattern, it really only took me less than two hours including cut out time. I would recommend that if you use this pattern you go a size lower or you ignore adding an extra inch to the elastic band in the waist.

Does anyone have a good trick with waistlines? I think I’m just too impatient with them. Share below your tips for waistlines!

Happy Crafting!!

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