Classic Butterick Shirt!

FINALLY! I am able to do some personal sewing. I have been busy with Halloween costumes and my on-the-side tailoring business for my universities band and choir dresses. Per request, I just finished cleaning and organizing my closet, and realized how much fabric I have accumulated. So I organized it all and assign patterns to different fabrics. So in theory I will get them all done before I can buy any new patterns or fabric…..

For the first garment back from my dead period, I figured I would do something really easy, and here is the result!


I used Buttericks’ B6598 pattern (as shown below)


The fabric that I used was some old remnants that I found in my Moms piles of leftover fabrics that I snagged when I was 9 because I thought it was pretty. Well, 11 years later, I now finally find something to do with it. I received this pattern from my friend Darcy when her grandmother passed.


Here is what I started with that was just lying on my desk for a while.

This is the first time I have used my serger for myself and let me tell you it was super exciting!


I started out just using my sewing machine for all of the seams and then it hit me, why don’t I use my serger, I mean that is what I got it for! So I went over all of the seams that I just put in, and it really took off some weight to the shirt, I was really surprised! I love my serger!

The pattern was really self explanatory and really easy to follow. When I had basically finished the whole thing I tried it on and realized that I really did not like how high the neckline was. I really am not a fan of high necks, just because sometimes I feel like my clothes are strangling me, no one likes to feel like that!


As you can see above, I really messed up and I re-sewed the neckline about 11 times, no joke. Finally I got it where I wanted it, but it didn’t have the really cool look to it anymore that it started with. (I used the A look). Which I was kind of upset about, but that’s just what I get for messing around with it. If I did this again, then I would figure out how to get that cool look of pattern A but only lower.


TADAA! Final product. I think I will only wear this shirt if it is tucked in because it is really boxy if it is just hanging. If you wanted to wear it normally and not tucked in, then I would really suggest adding in some darts to give it some shape.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Classic Butterick Shirt journey! I plan to start sewing more now that Thanksgiving break and dead week are coming up!


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