Signature Weekly *WEEK 1*

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Introduction to Signature Weekly!

Hello! As I look at other peoples blogs, I myself think about how awesome other peoples crafts and projects are and how they inspire me. This all got me thinking about how I wish I could give shout outs to them, other than just posting a comment and liking their page.

AND THUS Signature Weekly was born!

Every week I will write a post centered around a theme, such as skirts, costumes, dresses, etc. and in the posts I will give a shout out to 4 bloggers and post their picture and a link to their page!


I figured it only appropriate for costumes to be the first theme because of Halloween being this past weekend and all.

This image was taken from Sew RED-y's Blog.

This image was taken from Sew RED-y’s Blog.

First up on Signature Weekly is a Game of Thrones Daenaerys Targaryen Costume by Sew RED-y. I love Game of Thrones and, even though you should never say what your favorite character is because the next episode they will die, Daenaerys Targaryen is my favorite character. She took a McCall’s pattern and altered it to make this beautiful master piece. One thing that I love about this costume is that she really paid attention to the detailing of the shoulders. She hand stitched with some gold thread with beads to create the dragon like scales that you see in the movie costumes! I also recently made a Daenaerys Targaryen Costume if you would like to check it out as well! BUT if you want to see more up-close images, or see the process as to how Sew RED-y made her costume, you can check it out HERE at her blog!


I Can Make This Picture

This Picture was taken from Aly’s, I Can Make This blog.

The second shout out goes out to Aly form I Can Make This. She made a really cool Fairy Fest Steampunk Costume. I love how much attention that she pays to details. You can see how she made all of her accessories HERE! My Favorite part, that sadly you can’t tell from this photo, so check it out at her blog, is the detail that she put into the wings. She added wire in them as well as cute little gears to make it fit the steampunk costume! I also really love her corset that she is wearing that she bought from a ren festival. But if you like what you see, and want to see more check out her blog HERE!


blog Lady Sewalot

This picture was taken from the blog Lady Sewalot.

Next up we have a Grecian Costume from Laauren’s blog Lady Sewalot. I just recently started posting and looking at peoples blogs through Bloglovin, and I found the blog Lady Sewalot. This costume caught my eye right away. I LOVE the color and it looks amazing on her! What I really like about this costume is how much she researched about what the Greeks wore in the 7th – 1st centuries BC. She doesn’t say where or if she made the belt, but I am in love with it. Come and check out how she designed and made this costume from scratch HERE!


 Something I Like

This picture was taken from the blog Something I Like.

The final shout out of the week goes to Bonnie from her blog Something I Like. She made a Navi costume from the movie Avatar. I just absolutely love her overall look with this costume. In her post she goes into detail about how she does her make up and pulls the whole look together with the wig and everything. I really think she did an awesome job! If you like this and want to see how she pulled the whole look together just click HERE!!


 Thanks for reading week 1 of Signature Weekly, I hope you enjoyed this weeks collection of Costumes! If you have suggestions or want to be a shout-out on Signature Weekly just shoot me an email with a link to your blog with the form below, or leave a comment!


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