GUESS WHAT TONIGHT IT!!!! THE MU KAPPA CHAPTERS FIRST INITIATION CLASS! Many of you have seen that I have a little from previous posts such as Rose Earrings, BIG, LITTLE BRACELETS, and Crochet Roses. I am so proud of her and I love her so much! As this is posted she is now a full sister of Sigma Alpha Iota! Bigs and Littles normally exchange “paddles” however we are strict with our stance on no hazing, so instead of paddles we do other cute crafts such as record plaques! My sister Lydia made my record, I never had a big because we were the founding class of our chapter. I figured that I would make one for my little Maureen!!


This is just me placing everything and figuring out spacing.


This was the longest part, bedazzling the entire record with Tacky Glue. it took me 1 hour to do the inside and outside circles. (OCD)


Now things are glued in place and it looks so pretty!! I’m so excited! BUT IT ISN”T DONE YET!!!


I used the little wooden letters from Walmart to have her name written out  and I painted them with FolkArt paint to make them our favorite color of teal 😀


Here we are waiting for everything to dry.


WE ARE MATCHING! I cannot wait to be giving this to her tonight! YAY SISTERHOOD!

Happy Crafting!

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