Taco Bell Fire Sauce Packet Costume

I’m soo excited about this Taco Bell Fire Sauce Packet Costume I made for my friend Darcy! I designed the dress entirely from scratch, no patterns!


A quick front view with pins still in.



You can see on the sides that I added a little side panel to make sure that it fit.


Here it is before I started sewing anything. I had to fix the back collar to because there was way to much fabric. I also realized that I had to add in a sit in the sides because I didn’t make the sides big enough. But other than that that was the easy part!

After that I made bias tape out of the same red knit fabric. The next part was the step that I was the most nervous about because it was the puffy paint. I am not a puffy paint expert and I always manage to mess it up some how, so I’m really excited with how it turned out!


These puffy paints I have had for forever. My mom got them for me back in high school, I’m surprised that they are still good. But I tested them out for a long while on some scrap pieces so that I couldn’t mess up the actual dress.


For the white background to the Taco Bell Fire Sauce Packet Costume I just used some white fabric that I had and sewed it onto the dress.


The FIRE puffy paint I used a stencil out of some index cards and I used the basic font off of a cricut machine. I took my time and I made sure that the puffy paint wasn’t too think, because it would take forever to dry and it would bleed through on the fabric.


Here is the final product of the dress!!


Here is Darcy wearing the Taco Bell Fire Sauce Packet Costume Dress!! She was soo excited that it was completed! I’m happy with how it turned out and that she was happy! Let me know what you guys think of it too!


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