Rose Earrings

Whew, what a long long week and a half it has been. For my internship I was at the Arts Midwest conference in Minnesota this past week, which explains why I haven’t been posting very much. But while I was there, I went to the Mall of America and found this little bead shop! I found these little rose things and thought that they were super cool, so of course I bought them! I wasn’t sure at first what I would make out of them but then I figured I would make earrings!

At first I tried to make the wrappings for them and it failed horribly, so I decided to sleep on it and maybe look up some new ways on YouTube on how to deal with non holed beaded things. At work today I found this YouTube Video which was amazing! It really helped me out! The results are below.

Lil Earrings

Tadaa! For the most part I am happy with how they turned out, I just really wish I could have put pearls around the outside so that it better represented my Fraternity (Sigma Alpha Iota). I think that these are still super cute, and I hope that my little does too because I’ll be giving these to her tomorrow at her MIT (Member In Training) Meeting. 

Let me know what you guys think of them!? It’s my first time not using stereotypical beads.

Happy Crafting!

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