Costume Satin = Mess of the Century

When I was little my mom made me a lot of Disney (and not-Disney even though everyone wishes it was) princess dresses. Dresses such as Cinderella, Snow White, Megra, Swan Princess, and the list goes on. These costumes were all made out of costume satin, which is a very nice looking fabric that really does the job well, and can look super classy.

I have taken on a sewing project for my fraternity, which had made me really re-think using costume satin for projects in the soon to be future. I wont talk about what I am sewing, but I can talk about my dealings with this new-to-me material.

Costume Satin

This is just a picture I found on the internet to show how pretty costume satin really is. (No Sarcasm)

Not until this project did I realize the mess that comes with this all-in-one fabric. It could be because I have about 60 yards of this stuff to cut and sew. But seriously, it makes an extreme mess. Or maybe it is just me, but while cutting this fabric the fibers go everywhere, it looks like the air is shimmering with fabric. My boyfriend and I are semi-neat freaks, well he is the neat freak, and all we want to do after I work with this fabric is to vacuum and dust. Plus when you are working with the fabric it just frays all over the place, it really makes me wish I had a serger.

Sewing the fabric really isn’t bad, it is what you expect when you sew silk or anything like it. Just make sure you pin the fabric down when you have multiple layers, just like any other fabric. When sewing longer lines of this fabric, my thread matches it really well, I feel like I’m zoning out; just like Highway Hypnosis when your driving for long hours. The fact that I’m sewing a lot of this after I just did homework probably doesn’t help either, but oh well.

I figured becasue I cannot show what I have been up to I could at least update you on a the new fabric I have been sewing, and strange oddities I have found with it. I should be finished with this project by next Wednesday, if I’m not I will scream, so I should get back to my normal updating and sewing schedule. On top of all the normal sewing, today I just made a poster for my tailoring services!! What do you think?!?


This is what I posted in my Music Building (Browne Hall) for all of the new freshman!

For the past couple years I have been sewing, hemming, altering, and in general tailoring dresses for the Choir and Bands at my University. I only charge $10 which, yes, is less than it should be… however I am competing with a couple other businesses on the square (downtown area) who use that yuckie plastic thread. I understand that the thread is good for just hemming a dress that they are going to sell or try to sell again… but soo many girls will have it get caught on their heels and it rips in the middle of the concerts. I get to say I use the real thing, plus I can come meet them in Browne after they get out of their rehearsals. Let me know what you think of the poster!!

Happy Crafting!

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