An Amazing Gift from Norma and Darcy

Norma Kozikowsi, may she rest in peace, is one of my best friends grandmother who has recently passed. While Darcy, my best friend, was going through her grandmothers house she ran into her grandmothers sewing and embroidery things and texted me if I would be interested in having anything from her sewing collection. Of course I said yes! I am honored that Darcy thought of me! Norma was one cool person, while I was sorting through and incorporating her collection into my own I ran into some seriously cool stuff and I thought I would share it with you. ๐Ÿ˜€

I would just like to forewarn everyone that there is about to be a lot of scrolling.


Here is a picture of all the stuff in it’s original form that Darcy gave me ๐Ÿ™‚


Here is a collaboration shot of all the needles I found in what I like to call the “Needle Bag,” I know its really original right.

DSC00213 DSC00214 DSC00215

Okay, so first off some seriously cool needles from England from the 1800’s All of them have gold eyes, which is extremely cool!!

DSC00216 DSC00217

This is an out and inside photo of another set of needles from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Again super cool becasue of the gold plated eye.


These are cool because I have never seen an auto threading needle!

DSC00220 DSC00222

Again here are some cool needles made in England!!


I thought that this set of machine needles was super cool becasue I have never seen gold plated machine needles!!


This needle is just soo freaking big! I have never seen any needles that big unless I was getting stitches in the ER!

DSC00226 DSC00228

SUPER COOL!! This seam ripper was made back probably around or after WWII, back when there was a West and East Germany. Seriously the amount of cool historical things I am finding when I am going through and sorting everything is just breath taking. I am really happy that Darcy thought of me.


Now we are moving onto this little basket of assorted wonders.

DSC00231 DSC00232

This could just be me not knowing that the eyelet tools can be used for snaps as well, but my Mom didn’t even know! On the back of the eyelet tool instructions it also gives instructions on how you can use it for the non sew-in snaps!!

DSC00233 DSC00234

I find it ironic on how many of the hooks and eyes I found because I just bought a whole bunch. I swear, now I will be set for life! Plus it is just really cool on how they used to sew the hook and eyes to card stock instead of just putting them into a bag. One thing that I really wish companies would bring back is the pride in their products. I just know that these will be 20x better than the ones I just bought becasue back then people really did care about quality over quantity.


Yes the scissors on the left are hair scissors, but I didn’t want to leave anyone out. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED SILVER SCISSORS!! The ones in the middle are just normal fabric cutting scissors, and the ones on the right are the fabric scissors that cut with the zigzag pattern!!


Now time for everyone’s infamous button collection lol.


I though that these buttons were soo cool!! I am a life long Girl Scoutย  and in Norma’s button collection I found 10 of these little gals ๐Ÿ™‚ So cute!

DSC00240 DSC00242


DSC00243 DSC00244

Now time for some vintage sewing patterns. Some of these really just need a bit of alterations and you have some modern clothing. You all will definitely be seeing more of these.

DSC00245 DSC00246

Some super pretty fabric. I just finished washing them; and there is over 6 yards of each!! Who knows what I will make. But lets get real… probably more dresses ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC00247 DSC00248

Two gallon ziplock bags full of zippers and no-sew fabric glue things… that I’m not really sure how to use… But I’ll find out!!




Soo much embroidery floss. I have never embroidered, however I do make a lot of friendship bracelets! I made one for Darcy super fast when she was dropping stuff off for me!


All of the Bias Tape and Blanket Border I will ever need.

ย  DSC00255

Let see… There is some ruler devices, an inside out turner thing, more hook and eyes, and a thing for quilting.

ย  DSC00257 DSC00258

A thing that I have no clue what it is… Anyone wanna guess?!?


ALL THE THREAD!! Now I have more thread than my Mom! Super excited!


More really awesome vintage sewing patterns that you will be seeing more of.

DSC00262 DSC00263

So I saved some of the coolest for last. This is seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen. It helps you do soo much from, making your own patter, dart sizes, making your own sleeve pattern, measuring, hip sizing for drafting, and soo much more!!


ย And I figured I would finish off with some thimbles. I now have thimbles ๐Ÿ™‚ Super exciting!

Thanks Darcy and Norma! and Thank you for reading and scrolling until the end!!

Happy Sewing!

9 thoughts on “An Amazing Gift from Norma and Darcy

    • I do too. There were a couple buttons in the collection that were buttons from actual military uniforms from WWI and WWII. I don’t think that I will use them for anything but I put them by themselves in my sewing kit. ๐Ÿ™‚


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