First Time Corset

This is the first time that I have ever used sew-in-boning. When I was getting the fabric and notions at Joann’s, the lady that was cutting asked what I was making, when I told her it was going to be a corset, she gave me a terrified look and said “Good luck with it, sewing boning is the worst thing ever!” After her and my mom said the same thing I was terrified to start this project. I actually bought all of the stuff last summer and just never made it because of how intimidated I was. LET ME TELL YOU! It really wasn’t that difficult.

The pattern I used was Butterick’s B5662. (As shown below)


You just essentially make both the lining and the outer shell and then you attach the boning, which is what everyone was telling me would be the worst part of the whole project…


But it really wasn’t bad at all! I oddly found it relaxing. (if that makes any sense?) All you needed to make sure of was that the boning was right on the seams of the lining and that the lining was laid flat so there wouldn’t be any wrinkles in it. So in other words… really not bad at all! I will tell you what the worst part was, creating your own continues strip of bias tape.

DSC00184 DSC00185

This was the absolute worst part and the most time consuming. I have seen some blogs that have a print out a little bias tape tool that you can thread the fabric through, and I really wanted to print it out but I was “on a mission from god” to get it done! I grabbed come index cards to use for a “spool” so it wouldn’t just lay out all over my floor for my BF to fall on.

DSC00186  DSC00188

The next part after putting on the bias tape (that you slaved away for over and hour on ironing the freaking thing) is the eyelets! This was also a first for me! My mom let me borrow her eyelet tool (thanks mom!) to put them on this and one of my future projects. I recently bought myself some tailors chalk not knowing really what I was going to use it for, I just really wanted some to make my little sewing kit look more complete. Well I used the tailors chalk on the right side of the fabric to know where to put each eyelet, which really did make it a lot faster and having to keep on referring to the pattern.

DSC00204 DSC00210

TADAA! The final product! My first home made corset! I think it looks a little too big on me, I should have made a size smaller. I really hate commercial pattern sizing because it is completely different from normal dress or clothing sizes, and even when you take proper measurements and make the correct size it’s still in need of alterations. In the case of this little guy, it is too late but I still think he’s cute! 🙂

Let me know what you guys think! Happy Sewing!!

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