Men’s Suit Vest

This suit vest is made with lots of love for my boyfriend 🙂 Sadly he didn’t want to model it so here are just some pictures instead. (Maybe one day I can snap a photo of him in it) This was made with V8048.

8048The only thing that stumped me with this pattern was the pockets. I have never made this kind of hidden pockets. Next time I make this I’ll take more time on them and hope that they turn out better.


It was fun to make something completely tailored for him! We keep saying that for his best friend group I will make them all hobbit vests for their birthdays! I am planning on doing so, I just need to find a way to get their measurements. (Which will be difficult because they are all spread out)DSC00197The bottom is even when it is worn, I swear it is just a lopsided picture. I am really proud of this vest, it was made before I did my 3 piece suit so it was the first time I really did any kind of fitted suiting. After working on this I started actually liking hand stitching for the small details.

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