High Low Rose Skirt

First Time Designing Without a Pattern!

I was going through Joann’s Fabrics and stumbled across this little gem and it reminded me of my fraternity SAI because of the roses, and little bits of music (that you cant really see in these pictures sorry!) I bought the fabric completely unsure of what I was going to make with it. I am really excited about this skirt becasue it is the first time I designed a garment and didn’t use a pattern at all!


To make it I just got three yards of the rose fabric and gathered it together with about a yard or so of some light blue fabric (for lining). Once gathered I attached the fabric to a 3” elastic band that was cut for my waist size. Attaching the fabric to the elastic took a couple tries because the first time I forgot to stretch the elastic as I was sewing. Then the final step was to hem it!


For all of you Whovians out there, yes above my mirror is the Tardis’ starry night, which is actually right above our TV, I just moved the mirror for better lighting.

I really didn’t like the way that the high low first looked, so I kept on cutting the high low until it finally looked the way that I wanted it to. Constantly re-doing the high-low really ate up a lot of thread because I changed it about 5 times.

Let me know what you guys think!

2 thoughts on “High Low Rose Skirt

  1. I think the high low skirt is great. I personally love the high low look for tshirts, blouses and tunics. I think it gives the illusion of length to the body. I don’t wear actual dresses or skirts that much, but I think the short in front, long in back hem is great. I don’t know why women haven’t been doing that before. Why did it take hundreds of years to think of?


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