Tail Vest!

This Tail Vest has a really cool story behind it. My family went to a Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert back in high school and the lead female violinist was wearing a super cool Tail Vest. (Pictured Below)

Picture found on Flicker.com

Picture found on Flicker.com

See how awesome that looks!! Back in my day I was all about hot topic, chains, black lipstick, and so on. But anyway, all my Mom and I could talk about after the concert was how cool that vest was. So together (but mostly her) we went to Joann Fabrics (where my mom works as the Teaching Coordinator) and found a pattern that was close enough for us to alter to make something somewhat close.

Tail Vest Completed

The pattern that we found that was close was a Butterick pattern (shown above). There were cool chains and buttons on it, but I wore it too much and they all fell off. I’m thinking about putting them back on sometime soon. This was made in 2009.

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