Suit Dress

I LOVE Brocade fabrics, just love them! Back in high school I made this really pretty dress with it but it no longer fits and high school was just really rough when you wore different fabrics that people didn’t see everyday. But in spirit of that old dress I have made a new one with of course my favorite teal blue color!

This dress still needs to be altered a bit in the waist line so for the pictures sake I added a belt in from another project. That belt is actually really versatile and I use it all the time. But that aside I really do love using brocade fabrics. I love the texture, the way they cut, and the way it just slides under the sewing machine foot. Asian Suit Dress

I really love this pattern, and once again POCKETS!! I think the next time I make this dress I will use peach skin fabric because it is lighter weight and not as stiff. Made in 2013.

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