New Stockings!

Wow it has really been a while since my last post.  Now it is time to play a little catch-up over the next couple weeks over what I have been doing the past couple months. First up is I made some new stockings for the 2 cute fuzzy additions to our family! The top two…


Teal Tribal Print!!

This fabric took me FOREVER to figure out what is wanted to be.  I was back and forth between having a more blouse-y top like my Workin’ Knit dress, my other tribal knit dress, OR what it turned out to be.  What finally helped me make a decision was that I really wanted sleeves because…


Floral Maxi Dress

Finally, I am back to sewing. This dress was based off another dress I have made previously, and uses left over fabric form a commission I made a while back. I just barely had enough fabric.

Dress Front (2)

Green Starburst Dress

Hello!  This starburst dress was a little tricky, but I’m pretty okay with the end result. I used leftover fabric from the Stylin’ Green Tail Vest.  There really wasn’t that much left over otherwise I would have made sleeves.  As it is, I was really having to be creative on laying out the pattern for…

Box Pleat Skirt

Box Pleat Skirt, Self Drafted

Welcome back!  I have had this fabric for about 8 years, and have gone back and forth trying to figure out what to do with it.  I know a friend back in high-school had the same fabric and made a purse out of it.  I wanted to make a dress, but every-time I sew a…


Smaller Kennel Cover

Hello!  Like I have been saying, my puppy-sitter is amazing!  We had some fabric left over from one of her bigger kennel covers so we decided to make a smaller one as well! This one has a roll-able door flap instead of just an opening.  We left an opening for the first cover is because…


Workin’ Knit 

Hello! I’m really excited about completing this dress because it is the beginning of my expanding my work wardrobe! (Well at least the dresses). The fabric I got in the clearance section of Joann’s last year and for the pattern I used McCall’s 6752.  I love almost everything about this dress. It is super comfy,…