Dance T-shirt Quilt

Hey everyone, this quilt was a comission for an amazing dancer who just graduated High School.  She was captain of the dance team that I did all of the costumes for! This quilt was one of the biggest quilts I have made so far.  There are shirts on here from her first dance school all…


Colorado Beads!

Hey everyone! This past thanksgiving Trey and I went on a road trip with some amazing friends to Colorado! One of our friends just recently moved out there and we figured it was time for a visit! There was this really cute bead shop on the towns main street and Trey said we couldn’t leave until I picked out something nice! I just can’t wait to have an occasion to wear them! I had a lot of fun making this set of jewelry! The beads I got in Colorado are the turquoise, all the other materials were already apart of my jewelry making stash.

Still doesn't want to leave the project.

Leftover Fabric = New PJ Shorts!

I am still adjusting to finding a good sewing schedule while taking care of a puppy.  One day he likes chilling, while another all he wants to do is run around and play.  I did find enough time for a super small and easy project. I originally got this fabric to make some infinity scarves…

Already loves the blanket

Kylo’s Tie-Blanket

Hey everyone I am head over heels in puppy love with Kylo.  I found some extra fabric and decided to make him an embroidered tie blanket.  I think that he likes it so far😉 He always loves to cuddle with me on the couch, because of my own obsession with always having a blanket. (I…

New look 6704

Plaid Shirt and a Puppy :)

Hello from New Jersey everyone!! My Fiancée and I are finally out of the crazy college transition period and have moved to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey!!!  So much has been happening and I’m soo excited because that means that life is officially starting! Trey (Fiancee) is just the best ever, in our new apartment he let…

Kayla's Shirt

Kayla’s Christmas Present

Hello! This is the last Christmas Present post!  I swear!  This shirt I made for my sister Kayla. I LOVE THIS FABRIC AND SO DOES SHE!  I again got it from Denver Fabrics.  I used two different fabrics, one for the collar and the other for the main shirt. I made this shirt about 3”…