Puppy Kennel Covers

Hello!  So I have surprisingly been able to sew more the past few weeks.  I really hope that this trend continues.  While we are gone at work for long periods of time we have an amazing puppy sitter who owns 7 or 8 grey hounds.  Which makes for a lot of huge kennels.  So she…


Flower Work Shirt

Welcome back! This is the shirt that the puppies just really would not let me sew. I got the fabric a few years ago from Joanns and have just never gotten around to doing anything with it. I am in love with the tie collar!  But if I were to do it differently next time…


A Pup of Color

Welcome back!  This past two months have left me completely exhausted.  Between work and another new puppy my attention hasn’t really been on sewing or crafting. Everyone meet Rey (on the right), and you all know Kylo (left).  They have really kept me busy in teaching them how to be good siblings and play nicely.…

Photo Jun 06, 11 00 11 AM

Green Pencil Skirt

Being a Manager-in-Training is intense work, and a bunch of long hours.  But I am enjoying working with our store team!  It took several of my days off to finish this skirt due to only being able to sew for a couple minutes at a time.  I was originally going to use a different skirt…

Photo Apr 28, 4 44 45 PM

Stretch Velvet Love

Hello all!  I have an absolute love for stretch velvet and I love this dress pattern.  I plan on making several more versions. I used some stretch velvet and some gold foil, both were left over from different projects.  I had to re-do one of the foil sides halfway through the project because the iron…

Dance T-shirt Quilt

Hey everyone, this quilt was a comission for an amazing dancer who just graduated High School.  She was captain of the dance team that I did all of the costumes for! This quilt was one of the biggest quilts I have made so far.  There are shirts on here from her first dance school all…


Colorado Beads!

Hey everyone! This past thanksgiving Trey and I went on a road trip with some amazing friends to Colorado! One of our friends just recently moved out there and we figured it was time for a visit! There was this really cute bead shop on the towns main street and Trey said we couldn’t leave until I picked out something nice! I just can’t wait to have an occasion to wear them! I had a lot of fun making this set of jewelry! The beads I got in Colorado are the turquoise, all the other materials were already apart of my jewelry making stash.